Climate Change Competition for K-16 Students

Cool Science invites students of all ages to create and submit a visual work of art about climate change. Now, it’s your chance to teach others about the science of climate change through art. For this competition, we want students and teachers to choose one of the following questions to address with their artwork:

  • What is the evidence for climate change locally?
  • How do you think a changing climate will impact your world?
  • What can we do now for our future climate?

The best 6 entries will be placed throughout Lowell’s mass transit system in 2013 and be seen by thousands of people every day! Winning students and their schools will receive $200 in gift certificates.

Cool Science is a collaborative effort between the University of Massachusetts Lowell’s Graduate School of Education and the University of Massachusetts Department of Environmental, Earth, and Ocean Sciences. The Cool Science team brings an inter-disciplinary approach to the challenge of improving public understanding of climate change science.  Cool Science aims to engage students, teachers, parents, and the general public with the science of climate change.

Registration opens September 1. Submission deadline is November 15, 2012.

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