DIGITS: increasing sixth-graders’ interest in STEM

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Connections between students’ schoolwork and STEM in the world around them

Congratulations to our friends at DIGITS, who have reached nearly 5,000 6th graders in the Greater Boston area! DIGITS is an innovative program that connects sixth-grade classes in Massachusetts schools with STEM professionals to inspire student interest in STEM subjects and careers. Volunteers use a set of hands-on activities to engage students in the classroom. The program also provides a set of online STEM resources to teachers to supplement classroom instruction over the course of the academic year. The goals of the program are to demonstrate to students the connections between the math and science they study in school and the world around them, and to open their minds to the exciting career opportunities that STEM fields provide.

“Building STEM literacy among America’s next generation of leaders is critical,” said DIGITS CEO Joyce L. Plotkin. “Our volunteers from across the state are great role models for the students, represent multiple STEM sectors, and are broadly reflective of the workforce – 44% women, 24% minority, and 56% with advanced degrees.” Students reached by the program showed a statistically significant increase in their interest in and knowledge of STEM subjects and careers, as well as an increase in interest in STEM-related after school activities!

DIGITS is available free of charge to all Massachusetts public schools with a sixth grade. For more information on DIGITS, go to www.digits.us.com, or contact:

Carol Greenfield, Chief Operating Officer and Press Coordinator

Joyce Plotkin, Founder and CEO

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