Job posting – senior planner, Mayor’s Office of Jobs & Community Services

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Title: Senior Planner – Special Initiatives (this is a grant-funded position)
Job posting: #6-13
Employment status: EDIC Employee
Posting date: 5/3/13
Division/Department: Jobs & Community Services (JCS)/Planning & Policy Development

Summary: Under the direction of the Deputy Director for Planning and Policy Development, Office of Jobs and Community Services (JCS), the senior planner will identify and develop funding resources; research, design and develop plans for new initiatives; coordinate JCS’s involvement in various initiatives, including but not limited to the Skilled Careers in Life Sciences (SCILS) initiative, Green Jobs Boston, and new projects to be developed.

Qualifications: Work requires a Masters degree in a related field or equivalent experience, with at least 5 years of progressively responsible related experience in a public planning organization or community-based organization. Skills required include quantitative analysis, statistics, and proposal writing, as well as ability to use office software.

Instructions: send resume and cover letter to
Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA)
43 Hawkins Street, Boston, MA 02114

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The Senior Planner for Special Initiatives will research potential funding sources, design programs, develop proposals, and follow through on certain special initiatives as programs are implemented, including:

The Metro Boston SCILS Initiative, a four-year collaboration in life sciences workforce development which involves the following strategies:

  • Direct assistance to Metro Boston One-Stop Career Center staff and customers;
  • Post-secondary level vocational training programs in the life sciences;
  • Summer and school-year internships;
  • Customized training solutions for eligible participants;
  • New training program development and implementation.

and Green Jobs Boston, an initiative to facilitate opportunities in the green economy for Boston residents which includes:

  • Vocational training programs at sub-grantee partners;
  • Coordination with other City departments regarding environmental programs and policies;
  • General support to the workforce investment system and its customers regarding green jobs and related funding sources, events, information and programs.

The Senior Planner for Special Initiatives will staff and coordinate various working groups and committees of these and other initiatives, which include stakeholders from a wide-range of disciplines such as the workforce investment system, employer partners, industry groups, organized labor, state and local government, higher education and community based organizations. Groups include:

  • The SCILS Initiative’s sector organizing and employer advisory committees
  • The SCILS Initiative Working Group and Executive Committee
  • The Green Workforce Advisory Committee

Work with other JCS staff to ensure execution of all technical aspects of grant implementation including budget management, fiscal compliance, and contract administration, and will execute all procurement processes required for the implementation of initiatives. Ensure compliance with all grant reporting and communication requirements, maintain positive and productive relationships with project funders.

In addition, the Senior Planner for Special Initiatives will:

  • Effectively communicate project expectations, challenges, goals and outcomes with each initiative’s partners and stakeholders.
  • Set and continually manage the achievement of each initiative’s expectations, goals, outcomes and deliverables.
  • Identify and resolve issues and conflicts for each initiative.
  • Plan, schedule and track project timelines, milestones and deliverables using appropriate tools.
  • Assist JCS and its partners in ongoing efforts to develop and secure funding sources for current and future initiatives.
  • Perform other duties as requested.

Equal Opportunity Employer

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