Massachusetts Envirothon looking for coaches

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Opportunity for Massachusetts high school educators

Who: Massachusetts Envirothon
When: Webinar for new coaches on September 24, from 5:00-6:00 P.M. The first of three team workshops will be on October 25 at UMass Amherst.
Information: For more information visit or read our 2014 recruitment letter or contact

The program offers:

  • A September webinar to answer your questions
  • Three workshops through the year, across the state
  • A current issue with relevance to every urban, suburban, and rural community: Sustainable Local Agriculture
  • A stellar competition site (Sholan Farms, Leominster)
  • A proven new competition format allowing up to 10 team members to compete at the May event, with a chance for community service as well

Opportunity for students to:

  • Get outdoors and experience the interaction of wildlife, water, soils, and forestry within Massachusetts ecosystems
  • Investigate this year’s current issue: Sustainable Local Agriculture
  • Develop skills to participate in community decisions and action
  • Work alongside natural resource professionals to learn about local wildlife, water, soil and forests
  • Grow in their commitment to stewardship of the environment and natural resources
  • Test their environmental knowledge, skills, and teamwork in a challenging competition
  • Develop their curiosity and a love of learning in science
  • Increase their awareness of career opportunities in the environmental field

Long-time coaches like the Envirothon because it gives them a chance to keep learning themselves, to get to know a group of students well, and to spend time with them outdoors.

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