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Attention Boston STEM Programs!

Next week is Career Village’s STEM Advice Week!  This is an opportunity for your students to get personal career advice online about getting into STEM career fields from employees at Google, LinkedIn, NASA, Zynga, IBM, General Electric, Athena Healthcare, and more.

  • What: Your students ask questions about STEM careers on a website built by The site automatically gets advice for the students from volunteers and then emails the advice directly to the students. There are no limits on how much advice a student can ask for.
  • When: Questions will be answered Thursday-Saturday next week (July 17-20).
  • Who: All students are welcome. Typically grades 8-12 benefit the most, and Career Village goes to great lengths to serve low-income students.
  • Why? When your students get their questions answered, they feel more confident in their career plans and are better prepared for careers. Over 95% of all questions get answered, usually the same day, and usually multiple times. Even students who don’t have lots of questions love reading the questions their peers ask.
  • Cost? FREE! There is NO cost to you. The summer program has been sponsored already. CareerVillage is a 501c3 nonprofit sponsored by foundations like the Gates Foundation as well as corporations like Google.
  • Is it easy to implement? Very easy. If you have class time with your students next week, Career Village can provide you with a short (25-minute) group exercise you can use in class to get the students started. If you do not have plans to meet with your students next week, you can let them know by email on Wednesday. CareerVillage has done this with schools and youth programs like KIPP, Achievement First, NFTE, and more.

PLEASE let know if you plan to participate.They have capacity remaining for roughly 800 more students to participate in this program, so if you want me to reserve capacity for your students, please email them at to let them know: (1) how many students you plan to involve; (2) whether you plan to meet with them in person next week (in which case they’ll email you the group activity worksheets and instructions) or not (in which case they’ll give you an announcement you can email to them); and (3) if/when you would like them to schedule a 10-minute demo for you or walk you through the group

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