Science Teachers! Interested in inquiry-based learning?

Aecern, a not-for-profit education organization based in Woods Hole MA, is looking for science teachers (grades 5 to 8) in public or private schools, or in after/ out-of-school programs, to work with them to develop a free online inquiry-based Learning resource, the Discovery Hub.

Aecern’s mission is to increase the use and impact of student-generated discovery in science learning and skill building.

The Discovery Hub is being designed to:

  1. Make the creation, delivery, and sharing of inquiry-based lessons easier and less time-consuming for teachers
  2. Provide students a single online environment where they receive instructions and access learning materials, capture, document, and share data (using mobile devices), and analyze, interpret and communicate their findings and learning
  3. Allow teachers to track and facilitate inquiry-based learning by their students

Aecern is looking for teachers who would be willing to do the following:

  1. Create and deliver at least one inquiry-based lesson in their class using the current version of the Discovery Hub between October and December 2014
  2. Work with Aecern staff to evaluate the Discovery Hub and help identify and implement changes to improve it
  3. Provide general advice and guidance on the requirements and opportunities for technology-based resources to enhance inquiry-based learning

Aecern will:

  1. Train and support teachers on the Discovery Hub, including in person and/ or virtual tutorials
  2. Create a mobile data capture app for select inquiry-based lessons (A $4K value!)
  3. Recognize participants in its regional and national communications

If you are interested in joining this project send an email to Luk ( and visit the Aecern website (


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