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The SCILS Initiative is a $5 million, 4 year H1B Technical Skills Training grant from the U.S. Department of Labor to invest in the life science workforce in the Metro Boston area. The SCILS initiative is designed to improve career opportunities for residents of the Metro Boston area and to provide a more highly trained workforce for the region’s healthcare and biotechnology sectors. The initiative will target specific occupations within the field and support occupational training at colleges and universities; on-the-job learning (internships) at local businesses in these sectors; and the recruitment, career guidance, and placements of eligible participants into the workforce once their training is complete.

SCILS is actively looking for people to join their training and internship programs!
Learn more about the healthcare and life science training and internship programs that are available.

General Info Sessions

Attend an info session to find out if a career as a Medical Lab Technician, Biological Technician, or Research Associate is right for you. A number of training programs will be discussed – many of which are funded by the Skilled Careers in Life Sciences Initiative (SCILS). View the info session schedule here.

If you have any questions about the SCILS Initiative, send an e-mail to or call Susan Buckey, the Project Manager, at 617-488-1318.

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