Seeking STEM Summit volunteer proposal reviewers

Seeking Volunteer Proposal Reviewers

Planning for STEM Summit 2015 is well underway and the Summit Organizers are looking for volunteers to help read and score session proposals.  Many volunteers will be needed as the organizers expect a strong response.  This expectation is based on the success of last year’s limited call for proposals and the fact that Summit 2015 will be the first time almost all breakout sessions originate from proposal submissions.

Proposal Reviewers should have some experience or background in the strand for which they volunteer to read.  This year’s Summit will offer breakout sessions among nine strands.  These nine strands are listed on the online volunteer form accessible through the link below.

The bulk of the review work will take place between May 18th and July 10th, with July 10th being the date for final decisions.  The organizers will provide all volunteers with a set of Reviewer Guidelines (including Conflict of Interest instructions) as well as a Scoring Rubric.  Being a proposal reviewer is a great way to directly influence the quality and type of breakout sessions offered at the Summit.

If you are interested in reviewing proposals, you need to fill out a volunteer form available through the link below. Volunteer forms must be filled out by April 24, 2015.  After the application deadline, the Summit Organizers will contact you to connect you to the strand leader in charge of your reading and scoring team.  Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Online Application:

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