STEM @Scale RFP Now Available

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The second phase of the STEM Council’s @Scale Initiative with a Request for Proposals (RFP) targeting Postsecondary Graduation Rates and Workforce Development, addressing Goals 4 and 6 of the state STEM Plan, is currently underway. This RFP commits $400K of state funds targeting $1.2M in matching non-state funds supporting projects that replicate or scale-up successful initiatives to benefit many more students and workers, quickly.
The purpose of the @Scale initiative is to provide a framework to select and fund projects that:
·         Effectively use data to identify, quantify and measure outcomes in context of STEM education/workforce development challenges,
·         Are grounded in research, designed for replication and scale-up, and have demonstrated prior success in achieving student and worker outcomes related to these challenges,
·         Promote partnerships with school districts, colleges and universities and workforce development organizations to address the needs of significant numbers of students and workers  pursuing careers in key industry sectors and demonstrate confirmed and sustainable commitments of time and resources from partners and key stakeholders and,
·         Successfully secure matching private/other funds to support scale-up implementation projects that achieve widespread, measurable student and worker outcomes.

Read more about the details of the RFP here

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