Telling Your Story Workshop at MIT – Update!

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We still have openings for 10 more high school teachers (and have funds to cover substitutes), so apply today!

High School STEM teachers,

Are you interested in making connections with local researchers orbringing a scientist or engineer into your classroom? Then join us for the Telling Your Story STEM outreach workshop on Tuesday, April 9 from 9:00 AM2:30 PM at MIT. 

The Telling Your Story program aims to form collaborations resulting in classroom visits where STEM professionals will tell the story of how they became inspired to pursue a STEM career, and what their research and life is like now. Teachers and STEM professionals work together to craft a visit that will encourage younger students to further study science, technology, engineering and math, and provide them with strong scientific role models. You’ll network with scientists and engineers who want to talk to your students, and you’ll help them hone their story so that it will be engaging for your classes. Youll also help them brainstorm ideas for visuals and hands-on activities. Meanwhile, you’ll learn about their cutting-edge research and receive ideas and checklists to help you create arewarding classroom visit.

To learn more and register, go to: will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. We have room for 25 High School teachers and 25 STEM researchers and engineers.)

Note: The April 9 Telling Your Story workshop is open to grade 9-12 teachers and to scientists and engineers at all levels, from graduate students to faculty to lab technicians to retired STEM alumni. (In the future, we will hold programs focused on elementary or middle school grades.) If you can’t attend this workshop, here is another event that you might like to know about: Fostering Partnerships between Colleges, Universities and K-12 Schools 2013 Workshop.  

The program is facilitated by Jessica Garrett, MIT Edgerton Centers Education Outreach Coordinator and a former public school teacher, and Carolyn Zeiner, a Harvard University graduate student in Environmental Microbiology. Telling Your Story is sponsored by the HHMI Drennan Ed Lab at MIT, HHMI Education Group (Graham Walker) at MIT, the MITEdgerton Center, Cambridge Science Festival, and the Harvard ESE Grad Student Association. It was originally developed by TERC for the Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence – New England. 

“This was the best workshop I did all year.-high school biology teacher 

The impact of having a real scientist visit the classroom simply  cannot be underestimated. My 4th grade students were inspired, energized, and continue to talk about the first visit to this day.” -4th grade teacher

“This was a wonderful experience. I can’t wait to bring the scientist into my classroom! I learned how to better interact with a scientist, I [feel] have more in common with them.” -TYS teacher attendee

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