Training on using STEM Education Quality Measurement Tool

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Dimensions of Success is a STEM Education Quality Measurement Tool developed by the Program in Education, Afterschool and Resiliency Institute at Harvard University.

Why use DoS at your program?
• Allows you to use a research-based, consistent tool for measuring the quality of STEM activities in your afterschool or summer programs
• Encourages self-reflection among your staff members in a nonthreatening, non-evaluative way
• Provides a method of reporting program characteristics and strengths in STEM teaching practices to your funders, sponsors, partners/parents
• Pinpoints specific areas for professional development so you can target weaknesses instead of providing general support
• Provides evidence to support your decisions about resources to purchase, staff to hire, and partnerships to build

Getting Started: DoS Training
  • Register at least 2 program leaders or staff members for the August 2012 online DoS Training by e-mailing Ashima Shah ( with your interest.
  •  DoS training is tentatively scheduled for August 14 & August 15 2012 from 8:30am -12:30pm. 
  • The DoS TrainingPackage includes:
  • 8 hours of online training
  • DoS Tool (Descriptions of 12 dimensions and 12 rating rubrics)
  • Access to PEAR database system to enter data
  • Customized Calibration Session (after you complete 3-4 observations, PEAR will help you reflect on your data and improve your use of the tool)
  • Quarterly DataSummary Reports
  • PEAR Certification in DoS (valid for 2 years-can renew with booster training)
The Training Package is$250/person.  Participants from programs that acted as observation sites for ouryearlong data collection efforts will be able to attend training and becomecertified for a reduced rate of $125/person. 
If you have any questionsabout how DoS can be used by your staff, or how it can help you improve STEMprogram quality, please feel free to contact Ashima Shah at

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